A Pilgrimage to Dawn

I looked at you and saw abyss
A road winding back on itself
Eating it’s own serpentine tail
All fire and sunsets
Armageddon come to bear
On two legs that must have been carved from caramel marble
A marvel for the sheer incongruity of that countenance residing with that darkness
Twined together by the fates as surely as we were
To be on that road kissing that cliff face above those waves crashing merciless on the jagged memories of mountains
I held your hand as sea mist filled our lungs with the ice of distant arctic
Your hair a hurricane of wild honey in the winds of windows open careless to the night
I would follow your laughter into a forest fire
Grateful for a smile as embers settled on my eyelashes
That you would raze the world I thought I knew and salt the pulpits of false prophets
Resurrecting my revenant soul and loosing it wild into the uncharted countries of my one time dreamscapes
I knew then and I know now that you are the beginning of the end of my story
You, chaos and kindness and quiet
I, supplicant to the beauty that burned too bright
– EJoveJohnson

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