They never knew how this shadow had no profile

How it seemed to be one person facing himself in that last moment

Two backs

Two elbows

Two… well…. you knows

One white space in the black of atomic destruction

It was extremely unlikely that two men of exactly the same height would be face to face in that particular moment


Years of poison rain grew barren stems to the height of the ankles of that curious shadow

Obscuring the feet, and the key to the story

Had someone preserved all that remained of those two people rendered negative space they’d have seen the solitary difference in the shadow with two backs

They would have seen how I stood on my toes so that my eyes were almost in line with yours

How you picked me up onto your feet so that the entire universe was composed solely of each others irises

Neither of us needed to see the flash

The wave of dust accompanying the incomprehensible heat and speed of the cloud

All we wanted, all we needed on the brink of apocalypse

As the horsemen themselves warmed our form with their breath

Was one last moment in each others gaze

Fitting, it is that moment which endures

Which beyond the marvel of atomic warfare confounds science

The “Manhattan Project” a footnote in the posterity of our last kiss

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