I want to dance on the sun

To soar free of body through the mind of the cosmos

Falling as even the stars are through eternity

I want to stand on the brink of never

Bursting through the bottom of existence

Redefining the limit of real

Ascending to a truth beyond our genes

I want to experience all the things I have only known in my dreams

Wonderful things and horrible things

Immediately so utterly true and impossible that they could not possibly exist in this world without wonder

Sustained though in the absolute certainty that waking real is not reality

Instead, just a dream itself a psychological manifestation of sane complacency

I do not belong here


The term itself so simple and limiting

A mundane and horrible word perfectly suited to a world content to live in shadow

I want to inhabit my days in the fashion I have dreamed them

Limited only by that which I am able to imagine

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