1:50 AM

The weight of late night loneliness

Dawn screams unrelentingly into focus

Merciless seconds torrent onward

This breath between twin nightmares

Rushes to close at break of day

How I have come to hate the sunrise

Cherished dark

Waking life, something, somehow owed a master

Day synonymous with death

I must close the door to my mind and function


In the capacities which I am permitted

All trace of personhood banished until close of day

Then, even, hounded by thoughts of the coming light

Demands on time that does not yet exist

I am older

Each day


To a grave in work I am crafting

Lined with images I will never share

Sealed by words I never dared give weight of sound

I am a victim of my cowardice

My circumstance

My dreams

Trapped by the ideas I had no right thinking

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