Eleftheria ni Thanatos

As waves on sand

Rules crash around me

Those imposed by others, by myself

Discarded with the fears that created them

I may fail- catastrophically- it’s true

I may break- irreparably- this is true as well

You might hurt me

I might hurt you

We might hurt ourselves

Life, has consequences

To live with any ferocity is to accept their potentiality

I am transient just the same as you

Perpetually unfixed and in flux

Two nebulous clouds of eternally colliding and recombining elements

Orbiting each other for an untold eternity of moments

Permanence a delusion of the fearful, the weak

The best I can be in each instant is beautiful ephemera

Perhaps, a silhouette of intellectual abstraction

What are any of us but the fingerprints of our thoughts

As I do not fear my dreams

Neither their horror nor their wonder

I do not fear my life

Nor how it will change me

I do not mourn my inevitable losses

I do not regret my one day scars

I do not demure from the possible collapse of all that holds meaning


Rather, I welcome the marks of life upon my canvas

With each stroke deepening the hue of my soul

How boring it would be to die untouched by the world

The tragedy of purity

Always I will risk all that I am

Why else am I anything at all than to leverage everything against potentials’ potential

Better to burn to a cinder in the pursuit of a dream than never to dream for fear of falling

I welcome that crash, perhaps inevitable, if only for the flight before it

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