Greetings from the edge of perception

These the last words of a sense memory ghost


Hallowed halls of a mind that is mine but not home

Nowhere is safe here, nothing is real

Behind a mask of fraudulent confidence

I died in plain sight

Positional asphyxiation by each constructed emotional response


Intentional in its crippling

Specific design to keep free will at bay

A thousand thousand routines

Anchors to this watered down, existence

Constriction I never wanted

Daily, academy worthy performances  ”A contrived life”

Shows ran continuously through death

In the immediacy of my last neuron firing life reflected art

The final frame to be called “Mindless stagnation through social conformity”

Corporate sponsorship by great expectations

That I had never woken from my dreamscape

To have continued as alpha and omega for all my creation

Contentment, building castles in the sky

Mind condemned to triviality watch me fade out of existence

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