Time Capsule

I remember it perfectly

The first time I caught a snowflake in my eyelashes

The way each crystal refracted infinitesimally small rays of sunlight into my wonder widened eyes

I remember the stark sharpness of its many points, struck me as odd, that something so precise could occur naturally

Of course, I didn’t think in those terms, but those were the feelings I didn’t have words for

I remember it perfectly Every detail in specificity

Or, perhaps I don’t

What is a memory but an impressions momentarily reconstituted reflection

An instant of subjective experience parsed for ease of storage

With every recalling the delineation between what I dreamed it to be and what it was fades

With enough time, enough retelling, my life story will be precisely as I dreamed it

Each horror, each happiness, elevated beyond the trivialities of daily existence

I will be the Homer of my own Odyssey

Both heroine and villainess, mentor and pupil in perpetuity I exist in media res

A construct of my own imaginings

So too are you, only the most honest dream of you I can muster in any moment

Like my first snowflake with every recalling you are elevated

In the casting of my dream life even the bit players are their own particular brand of personal perfection

No ones nose is crooked by accident

Each recollection a subconscious choice

A directors editing room final cut based on an imperfect emotional impression

My first snowflake was the most perfect snowflake because that is how I choose to remember it- perfectly

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