We’ve Met

I watched the sunset through your eyelashes

We haven’t tasted fresh air in days

It doesn’t matter

I’ve fallen in love with the constellation cracks of your ceiling

No adventure more enticing than your skin I’ve yet to commit to memory

I almost know your face in the dark

Almost able to picture you perfectly in my mind

I’ll kiss the parts I still don’t know

Let my lips read your features like braille

Your heartbeat like the timbre of your voice though, I already know

Eventually, the sun will rise over your cheek bones

I’ll savor the way the sunlight rolls across your face like honey

Your waking self, beyond my ability to express with words

The vocabulary at my disposal inadequate to describe your smile

I hear the things you see behind closed eyes

Scoring my dreamscape with your sounds

Sharing images from your mind

A singular beauty

Still, equipped to wonder

I hope, in time to know its depths

To learn you as I know myself


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