I went to sleep a little girl wondering at existence


I woke up a woman horrified by her world at war

Surrounded by the asymmetry of industrialization

We, as a species, have made the Earth shudder on her axis

More than once

In a single day, more people than I could hope to know in a lifetime

Die, unnoticed

Multiplied a hundred times, the number of non-human cohabitants killed with less thought still

How long since we last regarded our giver of life, our planet, as a treasure entrusted to our care


Anything more than a convenience of materials to be stripped bare

NASA has a fleet of nuclear warheads pointed skyward for planetary defense


WE are the extinction level event

The selfish nihilistic greed of infants incarnate

Floating fetish to fetish in the techno-stupor of the twenty-first century

Ensconced from emotion by the Narcoceutical war on social responsibility

I want the world to break my heart

I want to wake up angry, afraid of our free fall to oblivion

I want to fall asleep with eyes on fire for my refusal to waste tears in place of action


However we gild it

This is life amid ruins

Populated by the ghosts of people not yet dead

And it should not be a vacation

I would rather awaken to the cataclysmic reality of Oz than gaze at its rainbows

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