I am not powerless, I refuse to be powerless. I CAN stand for humanity in the moments and interactions of my day. I CAN support my fellow humans and listen with an open heart to their needs, their stories, their fears, their hopes. I CAN heed their words and act accordingly. I CAN stand up in the face of injustice, discrimination, hate. I CAN bear witness, and report honestly. I CAN stand shoulder to shoulder and fight. I CAN educate myself and actively involve myself in elections/organizations/and pieces of legislation. I CAN call out inequity. I CAN vote with my money to support causes and businesses that reflect my values and ethics. I CAN manifest the America I believe in in my actions and my words. I CAN, I WILL, I AM. There is no position that entitles another human to captain my destiny. I accept no authority that preempts my code of ethics. There may be many things that I cannot do or change. But, THEY for their blustering and threatening and manipulating and hating cannot change the person I choose to be. And I, I choose to be better for my species and our planet. I AM accountable to myself, to you, to our planet, and our future.

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