Day 1

Today is a precipice, a tipping point, the cresting of a wave on our shores whose depth and force we can only imagine. A departure from the relative safety and routine of statesmen for parts unknown. Odoacer having sacked Rome has now been set the task of governing it, ferociously divided. Whether or not he is “my” president. He is, for however long, our collective president. And, as a person standing on a beach facing down a wave of unknowable destructive power, I’m afraid. A simple, stark, undignified fear has taken up residence somewhere between my heart and my gut and it feels like falling. It is too easy, and naive, to say that he, his cabinet choices, and his eventual Supreme Court picks are just figureheads. These are the people who will shape our country for at least the next 2 years but more than likely the next four. Their history, experience, beliefs, and personal ethics will without exception touch each of our lives. My only recourse is to know. To do my damnedest to be informed, and help disseminate information to others. They choose bluster, dazzle, and distraction. I choose facts. This is our call to action, to information, to (self) education. To accept no less than the depth and breadth of every single one of the freedoms and protections afforded every human in this country, and to actively strive to increase those freedoms and protections for the marginalized. He is not my president, but he is our president and we the people must hold him and all those under him accountable.-EJoveJohnson