I am encased in flesh that is not my own

Surrounded on all sides by foreign doughy pinkness 

The mirror is a stranger 

A liar

A testament to my lack of worth 

I wear my ugliness 

My weakness of character as adipose armor

I am safe from success

From value

From lust

I am safe from everything but myself 

Terribly heartbreakingly safe except from me, my enemy

Would destroy myself 

Should destroy myself 

Wish I could destroy myself

To carve this self away like so much extra clay 


Damnable lightness 



A face to face the mirror

A hundred faces styled just the same

Live action renders of superficiality

Symmetry everywhere

Character caricatured by trend

Tell me that I’m pretty

That I’m worth wanting

That my intellect, my ambition, my art are validated by your desire to fuck me

Somewhere behind the words there is possibility

One day, I won’t have to be appealing

The definition of perfection wrested from the hands of consumption

Returned, to nature

A world of beings divorced from the notion of sex as trade

Art, the language

Transcendent beyond the triviality of skin

Expression the apotheosis of humanity

Until then

Painting the armor of honesty if not beauty