Pretender to the Crown

Self serving egoist, would be king
You are my hierophant reversed
Mentor and manipulator
You love me only in so far as you control me
Wielding facsimile enlightenment
Peddling holy profundity ad nauseum
Freedom is your fear
You wear it vividly in every grasping attempted sabotage
In ever condescension
Tumbling from your painted lips in frenetic assaults on my choices
Increasingly excluding you
Because, you are not and never were my friend
And, perhaps, there is some part of you that knows
I know
Don't worry though, dear leader
I shall be your crucible


Sing me the song of my sweet tainted flesh

A structured chorus of critically compromised virtue

Innocence untouched by experience, rather by intent

Lacking beyond a child’s short sighted impetuousness

Aspersions the easy bedfellow of my path of least resistance

How I’ve only wanted to defend my honor perhaps undeserved

To affirm that this has all been a dream

A suspended reality of tempestuous indiscretion

Waiting, wanting only to be clean



I know you as my own though you are only borrowed

Where others live you


Have only wrapped you briefly about my shoulders

Long enough

That I could feel the prick of your nails in my skin

The way you longed to seep into my blood

Caressing me internally, most intimate lover


I have known you too

Godly isolation you are not forgotten

You as well I borrowed

Wrapping you not about my shoulders

Instead you adorned my hips

Sinful in their beckoning curve

You tried to cloak their wanton beg

Encased in the ice of your self righteous judgment


How I have still yet to find our home

Neither are we sinner nor saint

Not an island nor part of the mass

We lie somewhere between

Demons and angels break bread, our bones

Cloaking depravity and prophylactic abstinence neither for our body made

I, myself, me a holy trinity complex

Content, for now, to borrow the lands where others rest


The touch of your love eclipsed my face

The sound of skin on skin reverberated throughout the room

I said no

You silenced me with your hand on my throat

I cried

You shut my eyes with the force of your fist

I was not ready to give what you took

Consciousness absent

My non protest acquiescence

I often wonder, was my unresponsive body pleasing

How did my lips taste when they didn’t kiss you back