In Response

We wrap violent things in soft language
We protect hate with freedom
I would say -somehow
But, really, it's still
That those most concerned with liberty
Have never been deprived of it
Yet, we've criminalized the radical act of being born with melanin
How dare you, with your dark skin, observe your faith
Let our nation built on the principles of religious tolerance reward your piety with the fine accommodation of the TSA thorough screening room
We look at you and see a terrorist, a dangerous animal to be contained by professionals out of sight
But chant blood and soil lit by firelight
Burn crosses
Lynch effigies
We'll stand silent because, we need all the facts
We need to make sure not to offend any very fine people
This country has spent damn near 3 centuries steeped in the blood of the ones we call savage
Yet, the tears staining that trail were not Jacksons
The lifetimes of animal brutality were not at the hands of those stolen and sold as chattel
Every political event begins and ends with "god bless you" yet we keep erecting statues to devils
No, not devils
The devil never did so much harm as a general with misguided ideas of what qualifies as a human