The Art of Being

How do I reconcile The parts of myself 

That exist 

In worlds that cannot touch 

Each other

But, yet

Somehow exist

In the present participle

With or without empirical backing 

Because some things 

Simply are

Beyond the scope of objectivity

I still can’t own my adjectives though

Because I am the art of correspondences

But also

Diametric opposition 



There is not always beauty

Or symmetry

Or simplicity

In fact 

Easy is a fantastic beast and no one knows where to find it

Or how to find it

No one knows how

And that’s the problem 

We are tangled tangible chaos

Overlapping and intersecting incorrectly 

All the time 

And when you finally map the way you connect to another they’re gone

Or maybe they’re just different than they were

But it’s all the same thing because you’re not the same anymore either

And you’ve poured your heart into a roadmap to nowhere

So you start again 

Because everybody has to go somewhere 

And you spend your life trying to map an infinity of pivotal moments between people 

No longer strangers

Only to have never met them again